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Where your creativity

does matter

Creativity knows no boundaries. The drawings that you do, the poems that you write, can all be channeled into a wonderful career.

So you didn't think you could make a career out of your drawings or writing right?

Here at Creative Foundations we will help you grow with your artistic, design & writing skills through free advertising and design lessons, online via zoom.

We provide this across the country for free by award winning advertising and design creatives, who volunteer their time, to channel your creativity into the disciplines of advertising & design.

What Brands Have Our Volunteer Creatives Worked on?




Amy Greenshaw - Participant

"The tutors where great and really taught me how to apply my escape in writing into something that had purpose."

About Us

We are award winning advertising & design creatives from across the globe, to do 1 thing. To let young people who feel their difference in pursuing art, drawing or writing is not for dreamers and you are at home in advertising & design.

We never want to know that someone with creative talents are overlooked, under valued or worse still, to feel like an outsider.

That is the foundation our collective is formed, to help channel creativity into something young people can be proud of.

We are solely a volunteer team, you don't have to but if you are feeling generous our PayPal details are for a small donation

Creative Director For Campaign by: Duncan Mah With Creative Foundations For Initiative.

A call out to more Creatives who want to get involved, volunteer your expertize & make a real difference, from your work email so we can verify you! You need to able to teach in US timezones.

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